Savage FINcast – Episode 73: Enter Kettlecorn

New dangers are a afoot in the latest episode of the Savage FINcast! Jim & Raven take a look at the modern classic SAVAGE DRAGON 237. Where Angel ends up in compromising positions and finds herself  in a face off with the terrible new Canadian super threat, Crawfish Kettlecorn! I mean… THE SCOURGE!

Also this episode Jim ruminates about his latest comic convention experiences, and the treasure found within. And we also take a look at the first two issues of Michel Fiffe’s BLODDSTRIKE BRUTALISTS mini-series, and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES URBAN LEGENDS 03 by Carlson & Fosco this episode. Where the violence is high, and the Savage Dragon ties are tenuous.

02:37 – Bloodstrike Brualists 0 & 23 (Comic Reviews)
33:38 – Jim’s Terrificon Adventure
55:08 – Savage Dragon 237 (Comic Reviews)
01:46:42 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends 03 (Comic Reviews)

Savage FINcast Presents… Anime Time Capsule – Episode 01: Read or Die OVA (2001)

Now for something completely different. Savage FINcast hosts Jim Purcell and Zac Hawkins come together to share their joint love of the Japanese form of animation, ANIME! Specifically the TV series, short-run direct to video original content, and feature films that made it to English speaking shores from the mid 90s to the mid 2000s. A golden age of bombastic action, femme fatales, truck loads of gory goodness, giant robots, and all the questionable English dubbing you can stand.

In this our premier episode, we take a look at the somewhat forgotten classic of the early aughts, 2001’s READ OR DIE. A three episode original video animation high on espionage action, quirky super-powers, and deadly symphonies. Yomiko Readman is the world’s most dangerous super-spy, and also its most easily distracted. She and her fellow agents of the British Library have to save the world from an army of deadly clones grown from history’s greatest figures.

Join us as we unpack this action classic in… The Anime Time Capsule!


This is a new podcast idea Zac and Jim have been floating around for a while, its not strictly Savage Dragon related, but we think fans of Dragon might get a kick out of these weird and cool shows/films. If this is something people would be interested in seeing more of, leave a comment below or send an email to If you’ve got a suggestion for an anime you’d be interesting in seeing us  cover in a future show, we’re always looking to add to our anime watch list. Hope you enjoy this new podcast offering from the guys at the Savage FINcast!

Savage FINcast – Episode 72: Pocket Dimensions are Tight!

Savage Dragon issues keep coming out, and the Savage FINcast keeps rolling on. Craig, Jim, and Raven are inundated by the antics of small fin’d children while grown-up fin-people are kinda bad at this whole ‘find our lost children’ thing. Adventures in fantasy lands, fights with dog…. people(?), and Kevin’s choices in sweater vests. That plus a look at TMNT Urban Legends 02. All in this episode of the Savage FINcast!

03:12 – Nikos Koutsis’s new comic Errand Boys (Erik Larsen News)
09:04 – Savage Dragon 236 (Review)
56:53 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends 02 (Review)

Savage FINcast – Episode 71: “I’m Pretty Sure Buffalo’s are Retractable.”

Nothing can stop Buffalo Stu, or the Savage FINcast! Craig, Jim and Raven take on Savage Dragon 235 and its titanic throwdown between Malcolm Dragon and the enigmatic Buffalo Stu.Is he man? Beast? Manbeast? What is the anatomy of a Buffalo any way? All that plus Freak Force in action in Dimension X, more Big Bang Comics color reprints (featuring the Savage Dragon), and all the Captain Tootsie news you can handle!

Savage FINcast – Episode 70: Three, for the Price of One!


Lives are in the balance in the latest episode of the Savage FINcast! The whopper of a cliffhanger of last issue left hosts Craig, Jim, and Raven in complete bewildering shock, but now Savage Dragon 234 is finally here to still their beating hearts. Who will live? Who will die? Do All Dogs Go to Heaven rules apply?

All that and our FINteresting Conversations, where you the listener can write in to a suggest a topic we the hosts will discuss on the show. This episode, we discuss, “What Savage Dragon ‘era’ did you wish lasted longer? Or, possibly, ran much shorter?” Send your replies, and all Savage FINcast letters to:

38:07 – Cover for SAVAGE DRAGON 238 (News)
39:18 – Solicitation for SAVAGE DRAGON 237 (News)
41:59 – “What Savage Dragon ‘era’ would you have liked to have lasted longer? Or. possibly, to have run much shorter?” (FINteresting Conversations)
01:00:12 – Savage Dragon 234 (Review)

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