Savage FINcast – Episode 81: A FINterview with Rich Woodall!

Welcome listeners to a new off-shoot Savage Fincast format called FINterviews!. This will be a periodic bonus FINcast format in addition to our monthly issue reviews. Where we interview artists, writers, industry insiders, or just our friends in general! What will they all have in common? A love of Savage Dragon and the work of Erik Larsen of course!

Our first FINterview guest is the talented cartoonist Rich Woodall! Rich is best known for his comic creations Johnny Raygun and Kyrra Alien Jungle Girl (the latter having seen a twelve chapter serialization in Dark Horse Presents). Rich gives us the lowdown on his new Kickstarter used to raise funds to print his completed 64-page Savage Dragon/Johnny Raygun crossover comic which has only been available digitally previously. Being the good sport that he is, Rich puts up with our wacky hi-jinks and stupid bits; and in the end tells us about one of his favorite issues of Savage Dragon and what he thinks makes it so great.

You can find Rich’s Sgt. Werewolf and Johnny Raygun/Savage Dragon team-up Kickstarter at:

Savage FINcast – Episode 80: Bringing Down the House!

It’s deadly danger at ever turn in this latest episode of the Savage FINcast. Craig, Jim, & Raven bring you a stacked episode, with; Savage Dragon News, Jim’s secret Top 10 List, a comprehensive review of Savage Dragon 243, and reviews of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends 9 & 10 (featuring, The Knight Watchmen and The Savage Dragon!)

As always if you have any comments, suggestions, top 10 lists, topics you’d like us to discuss, or anything really, email us at, comment on this blog post!

01:49 – Cover to Savage Dragon 248 (News)
10:31 – Erik Larsen mystery project at Marvel (News)
17:58 – New Savage Dragon collections announced. (News)
20:25 – Jim’s Secret Top 10 List (Top 10s)
31:18 – Savage Dragon 243 (Review)
01:21:34 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Urban Legends 9 & 10 (Review)

Savage FINcast – Episode 79: Norse God Malice & Demon Phallus!

It’s God vs Ant action in SAVAGE DRAGON 242 for this exciting new episode of The Savage FINcast! Craig, Jim, & Raven experience one of the greatest comic snowball fights ever put to page, the future of killer sex bots, discus just what Ant’s deal is, possible future threats to Malcolm Dragon, and Raven shares a very special Savage Dragon Top 10 list! All this and a review of Carlson & Fosco’s TMNT Urban Legends 7 & 8!

If you have any questions, comments, conversation starters, Top 10 Lists, or suggestions leave us a message below, or e-mail us at! We might read your letter on the show!

03:07 – Cover for Savage Dragon Issue 246 (News)
07:01 – Issue 250 of Savage Dragon will probably be 100 pages (News)
09:45 – Top Ten Reasons Savage Dragon Should Stay Dead (Top 10)
25:20 – Savage Dragon 242 (Review)
01:29:07 – TMNT Urban Legends 7 & 8 (Savage SHELLcast)

Savage FINcast – Episode 78: Hootin’ Zoots!

Its titan against titan in the latest episode of the Savage FINcast. Hosts Craig, Jim, & Raven witness the trigonometric rustle between Malcolm Dragon and golden age icon CAPTAIN TOOTSIE. But is everything as it appears? The gang talk about Tootsie’s history, their least favorite awful candy, what they want to see in Savage Dragon in 2019 (and maybe want to see a little less of too) all in this jam packed episode of the Savage FiNcast! HOOTIN’ ZOOTS!

01:59 – Savage Dragon 245 Cover (Erik Larsen News)
08:35 – Savage Dragon Wiki Returns (Erik Larsen News)
19:56 – Juice Man by Scott James debuts (News)
23:00 – More or Less in 2019 (FINteresting Conversation)
53:28 – Savage Dragon 241 (Review)
02:08:10 – Savage Dragon 242 (Next Episode)

Savage FINcast – Episode 77: Do the Doo!

Warning. Savage FINcast episode 77 may contain strong opinions by hosts Craig, Jim, & Raven on the the following; Savage Dragon 240, Batman in the 80s, Scooby Doo relevance in the 21st century, caption boxes, Michelangelo’s amazing smoochy face, Dick Tracy artist bait & switches, and the future of Savage Dragon!

00:56 – Introduction and Comic Talk
26:25 – Savage Dragon 240 (Review)
01:22:47 – TMNT Urban Legends 6 (Savage SHELLcast)

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