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Savage FINcast – Episode 51: Narration Nightmares!


It’s a mega super explosion of Erik Larsen goodness in the latest issue of the Savage FIncast! Raven & Jim are joined by friend of the show Zac to tackle everything we’ve missed over the summer. Starting with Spawn 263 & 264, Spawn is out of hell and nearly powerless, and there are caption boxes… EVERYWHERE. Then we turn to the great Savage Dragon / Spawn / Ant crossover, starting in Spawn 265, continuing into Savage Dragon 216, and back to Erik’s final issue of Spawn, 266. Join us back here next episode when this crazy crossover comes to its epic conclusion.

Also, this episode we present FINteresting Conversations, where you, the listener, are asked to write in with whatever questions you’d like the hosts to discus. That and fan mail! Please feel free to contact us at SavageFINcast@gmail.com!

07:44 – Savage Dragon to make Guest Appearance in Shutter 25 (Erik Larsen News)
16:09 – Do you miss the days when Savage Dragon was more unwieldy a comic? (FINteresting Conversations)
33:55 – Spawn 263, 264, 265 (Reviews)
01:07:19 – Savage Dragon 216 (Review)
01:37:42 – Spawn 266 (Reviews)


  1. Craig

    I agree with Raven, we need a buildup of more iconic villains. Erik was come out with some pretty cool looking baddies for Malcolm only to kill them in the same issue that they 1st appeared in. Remember when Erik’s typical throwaway villain still looked like they would be some iconic heavy hitter in any other book? Now his typical throwaway villain is just Abomination in street clothes.

  2. Sotiris Gravas

    My thoughts exactly, gentlemen. An issue where Donald Trump gets the shit kicked outta him would also tickle my fancy.

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