Savage FINcast – Episode 61: News, Conversations, & More 225

A topic so massive, we had to talk about it twice! Continuing from where last episode’s titanic interview with Erik Larsen left off, Craig, Jim, and Raven return to follow up on the latest Erik Larsen & Savage Dragon news. Your FINteresting Conversation responses. And even more Savage Dragon 225 reviewing!

Also this episodes we present FINtesting Conversations, where we ask you the listener to write in with your response to a question our hosts present. The question for this episode is ‘What experimental comic would you like to see Erik attempt?’.

02:50 – Savage Dragon 228 Cover (Erik Larsen News)
10:59  – Savage Dragon 229 Cover (Erik Larsen News)
11:49 – Erik Larsen Wins Inkwell Award (Erik Larsen News)
16:54 – Amazing Heroes Kickstarter Includes Three Savage Dragon Figures (Erik Larsen News)
21:34 – What experimental comic would you like to see Erik attempt? (FINteresting Conversation)
01:05:21 – Savage Dragon 225 (Review)

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  1. Sotiris Gravas

    Another winner! Loved hearing Purcell give his 2 cents on Maxine’s orgasms. BTW, I jerry-rigged a lawn sprinkler and an old Slip ‘N Slide to look like Maxine’s a human geyser. No need for Astrorglide when I slip it in. TMI? (That “V for Vendetta” voice always cracks me up.) What I don’t like is that people who like the show don’t leave comments. Let them know…

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