Savage FINcast – Episode 78: Hootin’ Zoots!

Its titan against titan in the latest episode of the Savage FINcast. Hosts Craig, Jim, & Raven witness the trigonometric rustle between Malcolm Dragon and golden age icon CAPTAIN TOOTSIE. But is everything as it appears? The gang talk about Tootsie’s history, their least favorite awful candy, what they want to see in Savage Dragon in 2019 (and maybe want to see a little less of too) all in this jam packed episode of the Savage FiNcast! HOOTIN’ ZOOTS!

01:59 – Savage Dragon 245 Cover (Erik Larsen News)
08:35 – Savage Dragon Wiki Returns (Erik Larsen News)
19:56 – Juice Man by Scott James debuts (News)
23:00 – More or Less in 2019 (FINteresting Conversation)
53:28 – Savage Dragon 241 (Review)
02:08:10 – Savage Dragon 242 (Next Episode)

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