Savage FINcast – Episode 11: Who Reads Those Gossip Rags, Anyway?!

Much like our favorite comic on the planet, the Savage FINcast is running dangerously late. Sorry ’bout that! This episode, Adam, Craig, Jim, and Raven review Savage Dragon 182 and experience a kind of zen euphoria while doing so (not as disgusting as it sounds). Graveyards! Cults! High school embarrassment! OVERLORD! This one’s got it all! In Erik Larsen-related news, the FINcasters react to the worst kept secret ever, and discuss possible creator replacements for Supreme. All this and Boom Pow Tacos! Er… we mean Vanguard!


1:55: The Pull Pile – Ed, the Happy Clown (Adam)
3:35: The Pull Pile – Transformers: Regeneration One (Jim)
9:27: The Pull Pile – Glory (Craig)
12:54: The Pull Pile – Bakuman (Raven)
17:20: Erik Larsen News – Erik Larsen Buy’s ANT
22:51: Erik Larsen News – Tom Scioli makes a pitch for SUPREME
28:30: Issue Review – Savage Dragon 182
1:18:23: Issue Review – Vanguard #1 Reprint
1:29:07: Next Episode

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