Savage FINcast – Episode 128: The Return… of the Flannel!

After a long wait, the Savage FINcast returns to celebrate the nuptials of Angel Murphy and Frankie Darling. Craig, Jim, and Mark take a look at the highly anticipated 100 page giant anniversary issue Savage Dragon 267! Extended flashback, pre-wedding jitters, and unexpected guests. This issue has it all, but does it live up to to the anticipation? Find out in the latest episode of the Savage FINcast!

All this and Erik Larsen News and FINteresting Conversations.

04:41 – Savage Dragon Ultimate Collection 02 (News)
07:39 – Savage Dragon 270 Cover (News)
11:41 – Gods of Brutality trade paperback (News)
17:15 – What Savage Dragon Villains is the most overall Successful? (FINteresting Coversations)
25:12 – Savage Dragon 267 (Review)

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