Savage FINcast – Episode 132: This Title Was a Missed Opportunity

Like the song goes, “Opportunity comes once in a lifetime, Yo.” Then, “Something… Something… Mom’s Spaghetti!” And like the song this episode of the Savage FINcast is about missing opportunity. Craig, Raven, Jim, and Mark take a look at Savage Dragon 271 as several running plot threads seem to pop off while another heads turns a major corner. Do the lads feel like all opportunity was taken, or was perhaps  some squandered? Find out in the latest episode of the Savage FINcast!


02:14 – Savage Dragon 274 Cover (NEWS)
10:19 – Mark’s Comic Project (INTRODUCTIONS)
18:18 – Fallout TV Series (INTRODUCTIONS)
26:52 – Raven’s Dojo’s 25th+1 Anniversary (INTRODUCTIONS)
35:23 – Battle for Dream Island  (INTRODUCTIONS)
47:57 – Mobile Suit Gundam (INTRODUCTIONS)
56:26 – What SD character had the most squandered potential? (FINTERESTING CONVERSATIONS)
01:13:03 – Savage Dragon 271 (REVIEW)

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