Savage FINcast – Episode 29: Twice Up!


Twice up with a side of backup story, please! That’s how we like our Savage Dragon!

Just when you think Erik Larsen has run out of ways to impress you, he pulls out his latest and greatest artistic experiment! Larsen’s most recent endeavor finds him drawing the pages to issue #194 on much larger art boards (12.5″ x 18.5″), and the outcome is absolutely breathtaking! The two double-page splashes are worth the price of admission alone! After picking their collective jaws off of the ground, Jim, Craig, and Raven gush about the overall greatness of this issue. Although the FINcasters thought that issue #193 was a misstep, issue #194 has rebounded as an issue that could be placed in the best-of-the-best territory! Stunning art, a moving story, over-the-top fisticuffs, enjoyable backup features, and the best letters column in the business—this is Savage Dragon at the top of it’s game. You’ve read it, so can you blame us for raving about it?

All that, and our regular “Erik Larsen News” and “Savage Dragon Trivia” segments as well! As always, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at SAVAGEFINCAST (at) GMAIL (dot) COM to comment about the show, or suggest future discussion ideas. We will most likely read your letter on the next episode!

01:16 – Covers to Savage Dragon 198 & 199 (ERIK LARSEN NEWS)
05:57 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Annivesery One-Shot with Gary Carson & Frank Fosco (ERIK LARSEN NEWS)
11:07 –  Travis Sengaus drawing back-up in Savage Dragon 200 (ERIK LARSEN NEWS)
14:38 – Episode 28 Trivia Answers (SAVAGE DRAGON TRIVIA)
22:39 – New Trivia Question (SAVAGE DRAGON TRIVIA)
23:43 – Savage Dragon 194 (ISSUE REVIEW)

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