Savage FINcast – Episode 35: Talkin’ 200 With ERIK LARSEN!


This month the Fincasters skipped the news, trivia, and all the extras to give you exactly what you want need: a two-hour interview with Exhilarating Erik Larsen! Consider this your audible companion to all things Savage Dragon #200! Did you hear that? We said #200! Over twenty years in the making, Savage Dragon hits it’s newest milestone with a super-sized celebratory issue including a ton of tales which encompass darn near every comics genre. No lie!

Jim, Craig, and Raven, have a blast listening to Erik Larsen discuss all the nitty-gritty details of each story included in the one-hundred pulse-pounding pages that make up he titillating two-hundredth issue. This truly is a must listen episode for everyone who enjoyed the milestone issue!

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