Savage FINcast – Episode 54: Thanks Obama!

Pardon our mess, the Savage FINcast is hailing the chief is this exciting action packed episode of The Savage FINcast. Jim, Raven, & Zac tackle SAVAGE DRAGON 220 where adventure hits the ground running and doesn’t stop until the end. Wardrobe malfunctions, presidential intervention, action in other dimensions… and Glum, the Savage FINcast takes a look at them all this episode.

Also this episode we introduce ‘FINteresting Replies”, where we the hosts ask you the audiance a Savage Dragon related question which we would love you the answer via email. Responces will be read on a future episode of the Savage FINcast! Send all answers (and FINteresting Conversation topics!) to

01:59 – Mighty Man AthensCon one-shot to be reprinted (NEWS)
03:27 – Splitting Image reprint (NEWS)
07:21 – Savage Dragon cameo in Judge Dredd (NEWS)
12:22 – Savage Dragon guest appearance in Shutter 25 (NEWS)
17:35 – Savage Dragon #222 will have B&W variant cover (NEWS)
19:39 – God Country #2 cover homageing Savage Dragon #1 (NEWS)
23:13 – Announcing ‘FINteresting Replies’  “What is your favorite Savage Dragon Related Crossover, and why?” (FINTERESTING REPLIES)
27:01 – Savage Dragon 220 (REVIEW)
01:15:21 – Random Chat Time

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