Savage FINcast – Episode 108: Malcolm, there’s no U in team!

Hailing from the great white North, its Canada’s greatest super-heroes NORTH FORCE. Savage FINcast hosts Craig, Jim, & Raven take a look-see at the dual release of Savage Dragon 259 and its companion volume North Force 0. Super-Hero recruitment, hostile space aliens, secret identities, this one’s got it all in the latest episode of The Savage FINcast.
Also in this episode, FINteresting Conversations, where we ask you, the audience, to write in with your responses to our questions. This episode, “How would you like to see an animated Savage Dragon adaption handled?”

07:38 – Ant 01 & 02 Covers (News)
18:39 – Savage Dragon 263 Cover (News)
19:15 – Fire Power 12 Erik Variant Cover (News)
26:12 – “Savage Dragon animated” (FINteresting Conversations)
56:00 – “North Force Creative Teams” (FINteresting Conversations)
01:12:09 – Savage Dragon 259/North Force 0 (Review)

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    • Tony M on July 8, 2021 at 11:56 pm

    Yo dudes! Where’s the new Fincast? Looks like this isn’t the summer of new Savage Dragon comics… How about some retro Fincasts?

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