Savage FINcast – Episode 115: More Vicious. More Circle.

In this tardy episode of The Savage FINcast, host’s Raven, Jim, & Craig take a look at Erik Larsen’s Ant #03. Hannah goes to Comic Con and kicks Mimes. Also, Spawn is here in his natural habitat, a Sewer. All that and a ton of listener letters, and of course FINteresting Conversations where we the hosts talk about a topic chosen by you, the listener. This episode, has the time of the Vicious Circle past?


02:07 – How are we doing? (News?!)
08:47 – Listener Letters (Mail)
33:15 – “Do you think the Vicious Circle should be put to rest?”(FINteresting Conversation)
44:34 – Ant 03 (Review)

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