Savage FINcast – Episode 124: Feisty Jim and his Wicked Worm

The Savage FINcast is going bizarro, as finally Savage Dragon 264 has landed in our hot hands, and all of Paul Dragon’s secrets are revealed to us. Craig, Raven, & Jim delve into this book length epic recounting the history of Paul and the various differences his universe exhibits to the ones we know from our Savage Dragon. All that, plus listener letters, and FINteresting Conversation!

03:18 – Savage Dragon 267 Cover (News)
15:36 – Erik Recovers Paul Dragon original art thought lost (News)
20:23 – Listener Letters
28:14 – Ska Punk Didn’t Start in 1994 with Sublime (Tangent)
32:39 – What other Savage Dragon character should get a one issue spotlight dedicated to them (FINteresting Conversations)
42:24 – Savage Dragon 264 (Review)


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