Savage FINcast – Episode 126: RIP, RIP, and RIP once again!

Let the bodies hit the floor in this very late (we’re very sorry) episode of the Savage FINcast. Where Jim & Craig are once again joined by podcast pinch hitter Mark Welser. To talk about the latest issue of Savage Dragon, Savage Dragon 265. Samurai is making her move on Malcolm Dragon and fam, and its not going to be pretty.
All that plus Letters. Lots of letters. So many letters, you have no idea. Also FINteresting Conversations!


01:00:21 – Savage Dragon 265 (Review)

(Other timestamps are lost due to technical problems, sorry)


    • Tony M. on May 30, 2023 at 10:15 am

    New FINcast episode, where art thou?

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