Savage FINcast – Episode 15: Print Lives! A Chat with Michel Fiffe


The catch-up tango continues as Craig, Jim, and Raven open the episode discussing the latest Larsen-related news and reviewing Savage Dragon 184. Later on, the gang is joined by Michel Fiffe, quite possibly the hardest working comic book creator of 2013– and he’s a Savage Dragon enthusiast to boot!

Savage Dragon fans will recognize Michel as the editor of, and contributor to, the “Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies” series of back up stories that were featured in Savage Dragon from issue #160 to #171. In addition, Michel is known for work published in Image’s Popgun anthology and Brawl miniseries; and his creator-owned masterpieces, Zegas and COPRA.

The Fincasters chat with Fiffe about his love of Erik Larsen comics, putting together the Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies, creating comics, and why print still lives in everyone’s heart except Jim’s!

00:47 – Introductions
01:18 – 2013 Arizona Comic Mini Expo (Erik Larsen News)
02:53 – Savage Dragon 188 Cover (Erik Larsen News)
05:18 – Savage Dragon 184 (Review)
28:24 – Michel Fiffe (Interview)
1:50:32 – Wrap-Up and Next Episode

Michel Fiffe Homepage
2013 Arizona Mini-Con
Cover to Savage Dragon 188


  1. Hey guys, great show! Definitely interested in checking out Michel Fiffe’s work. You guys are in my top 5 podcasts for sure.

  2. …One more thing….could you guys discuss two of my favorite villains….Raging Woody and Furious George…and possibly the funny cop names.

    🙂 Some of my favorite Dragon jokes.

    • Craig on March 1, 2013 at 7:59 am

    Jason, We are truly honored and humbled to be included in your list of top 5 podcasts!

    While I find it amusing when Erik uses funny names for background characters such as the cops (Dwayne Depool, Ben Dover, Oliver Clothesoff, Dick Hertz, Phil McKracken, Jerry Zout, etc.) when Erik used it for a major character such as Ronald Winston Urass (making the Dragon Presidential ticket “Dragon/Urass”) it pulled me out of the story a bit. The surname “Urass” felt a bit forced. I’d love to hear the other Fincasters thoughts on this and will try to bring it up at some point.

    I’m a big fan of the Rumble Brothers as well! I’ll try to make it point to get the others opinion on them as well.

    Thanks for listening!


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