Savage FINcast – Episode 23: Heroes, Hoodlums, & Haunts – A Chat with Scott James!


Join along as we (two of your lovable Fincast hosts, Jim and Craig) take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special interview with fan-favorite artist-extraordinaire, Scott James! Scott’s artistic talents on four(!) different Savage Dragon backup stories have allowed him the rare chance to play around with Larsen’s coolest characters! When not messing around in Erik Larsen’s toy chest, Scott’s busy creating his own worlds, including the supernatural-thriller, “The Case Files of Harlan Falk”, as well as “The Mob Files” (along with Vanguard backup artist, Frank Fosco).

For this episode we ditch the news, trivia, and our normal meaningless blather as to focus our collective attention upon Scott like a surgical laser.  Scott indulges us by answering our every question regarding drawing and coloring comics, working with Larsen, playing around with the Savage Dragon characters, and developing creator-owned projects among other things. It’s a great interview with tons of insight into the creative process that you won’t want to miss!

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