Savage FINcast – Episode 22: Easy to Digest


LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! The fight every Savage Dragon fan has been waiting for is here! Craig, Jim, and Raven have front row seats for brutality of Savage Dragon 190! Dragon is having a hell of a time in prison and now Mako joins the general population! You just know the blood is going to flow! All this plus two thrilling backup stories featuring monster hunting with Powerhouse and Flash Mercury, and the return of the Deadly Duo!

On top of the action packed tales, the Fincast gang also has much to discuss about Erik’s latest awe-inspiring experiment: offering issue 190 in two formats, either a regular 32-page comic or a 64-page digest edition, utilizing the same sized panels in both editions! It’s a must see! Believe us when we say, if Scott McCloud ran a comics college, Larsen would be a tenured professor!

As if that wasn’t enough, we also run through the latest Erik Larsen-related news, and continue our  “Erik Larsen Trivia” segment, where we read your responses to last month’s trivia question and try to stump you with new one.  As always, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at SAVAGEFINCAST (at) GMAIL (dot) COM to answer our trivia question, comment about the show, or suggest future discussion ideas. We will most likely read your letter on the next episode.

01:31 – Max Damage Back Up in 191 (Erik Larsen News)
04 :50 – Cover to Savage Dragon 195 (Erik Larsen News)
08:28 – Savage Dragon 20th Anniversary Signing Event (Erik Larsen News)
09:41 – Last Episode’s Trivia Question (Trivia)
14:53 – This Episode’s Trivia Question (Trivia)
16:10 – Your Letters
22:15 – Savage Dragon 190 (Review)
01:27:12 – Powerhouse & Flash Mercury Back-Up (Review)
01:32:12 – Deadly Duo Back-Up (Review)
01:37:35 – Savage Dragon 191 (Next Episode)


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  1. Wow–you guys really liked that “Heroes for Hire” back-up. It was fun to do, especially for the experiment to make it work for both formats of the regular and digest. Seeing how I handled the full bleeds. I was hoping for the regular printing the opening page would have started on the right. I think what I did worked better in the digest. Erik and I did the story the Marvel way. It was up to me to pace and make it work for 3 pages. I appreciate the kind words and enthusiasm you guys have for my work. Thanks.

  2. I guess I’ll reply to myself and pretend to be one of you guys. “What’s not to like, Frank?” Lol.

    • Craig O. on September 2, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    Ha! Sorry Frank, just noticed your comment today. I loved the back. I think I said it in the podcast but I think you are a master of drawing short stories that feel like full length comics. This backup blew me away because it’s everything that I love and think modern mainstream comics shy away from now. A super team consisting of a chicken-headed guy, a guy in bell-bottoms with a needle nose, and a Medusa chick? CHECK. They earn money by hunting monsters? CHECK. Dr. Frankenstein appears? CHECK. They drive off in the Mach-5? CHECK. This is what comics are about! Wacky ideas and fun. I think if Jack Kirby was alive he would be getting a real kick out these comics!

    And yeah, I think all of the stories read better in the digest format and it’s obvious that that’s what they were designed for. I really liked the experiment. With the digest you are able to double the size of the stories therefore there are more pages to flip and more opportunities for surprises. I really like the digest format.

    Thanks for Listening to the podcast Frank! Hope to see more of your work soon–keep us in the loop about any upcoming projects!

    • Craig O. on September 2, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    * Whoops — that second sentence should read “I loved the backUP!” Guess I was typing too fast!

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