Savage FINcast – Episode 57: Dimension Ex-Girlfriend

The electronic postman has come on the Savage FINcast with hosts Craig, Jim & Raven buried alive under a mountain of FINteresting Fanmail! Opinions will be shared about Savage Dragon characters that need protection from their creator, favorite Savage Dragon covers of all time, and favorite crossovers. Then in the pages of Savage Dragon 223 the gang witnesses the machinations of a heartbroken world conqueror, and the lengths he’ll go to save the woman he loves. Action! Romance! Armageddon!

00:14:54 Savage Dragon crosses with Nothing Lasts Forever (News)
00:18:18 Savage Dragon 226 Solicitation (News)
00:23:37 FINteresting Replies
01:14:10 FINteresting Conversation (Three Favorite Dragon Covers)
01:33:36 Savage Dragon 223 (Review)
02:19:42 Carl Cosmic back-up (Review)


    • Sotiris Gravas on May 3, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    Great podcast, gentlemen! Love not having to wait too long for the next episode… Long live advance copies of SD! Congrats on the back-up, Raven!

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