Savage FINcast – Episode 7: Genocide, Deicide, & Daxicide – Featuring Cory Hamscher!

The Savage FINcast keeps on trucking! With this episode Craig and Jim fly solo to take on the greatest challenge of their podcasting careers: INTERVIEWING SUPREME’S CORY HAMSCHER! They talk about how Cory broke into comics, discuss the influence Erik Larsen has had on his career, and break down the latest issue of SUPREME. Afterward, the opinion dividing SAVAGE DRAGON 180 demands its turn in the spotlight! What went wrong and what went oh-so right? All this in an episode so long it could halt an alien invasion!

(1:40) – Comic Talk
( 12:30) – Erik Larsen News
(17:20) – Cory Hamscher Interview/Supreme 65
(1:17:10) – Savage Dragon 180

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