Savage FINcast – Episode 70: Three, for the Price of One!


Lives are in the balance in the latest episode of the Savage FINcast! The whopper of a cliffhanger of last issue left hosts Craig, Jim, and Raven in complete bewildering shock, but now Savage Dragon 234 is finally here to still their beating hearts. Who will live? Who will die? Do All Dogs Go to Heaven rules apply?

All that and our FINteresting Conversations, where you the listener can write in to a suggest a topic we the hosts will discuss on the show. This episode, we discuss, “What Savage Dragon ‘era’ did you wish lasted longer? Or, possibly, ran much shorter?” Send your replies, and all Savage FINcast letters to:

38:07 – Cover for SAVAGE DRAGON 238 (News)
39:18 – Solicitation for SAVAGE DRAGON 237 (News)
41:59 – “What Savage Dragon ‘era’ would you have liked to have lasted longer? Or. possibly, to have run much shorter?” (FINteresting Conversations)
01:00:12 – Savage Dragon 234 (Review)

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