Savage FINcast – Episode 69: Shocking Debut

In this latest episode of the Savage FINcast, hosts Craig, Jim, and Raven witness the debut of the hottest new reality TV show, Chasing Dragons. But will any of our heroes live to see it? More Dimension X adventures! Freak Force on the attack! Can babies work cellphones?! The Savage FINcast covers all the juicy action of Savage Dragon 233!

All that and our FINteresting Conversations, where you the listener can write in to a suggest a topic we the hosts will discuss on the show. This episode, we discuss, “Are You Interested in Savage Dragon right now? Are you excited about where it is heading?” Send your replies, and all Savage FINcast letters to:

02:37 – The Savage Dragon Wiki has a new home at (Erik Larsen News)
09:13 – Savage Dragon 236 Solicitation Text (Erik Larsen News)
12:08 – Savage Dragon 237 Cover revealed (Erik Larsen News)
14:52 – What Did Erik Say on Twitter This Week?
29:43 – No I in Team (FIN & Games)
46:01 – ‘Create an Imaginary Future Issue of Savage Dragon with Cover and Contents’ (FINteresting Conversations)
58:41 – ‘Are You Interested in Savage Dragon right now? Are you excited about where it is heading?’ (FINteresting Conversations)
01:06:57 – Savage Dragon 233 (Review)
01:47:40 – Switchblade (Review)



    • Tscarfone on June 30, 2018 at 3:05 am

    Just finished listening to the latest episode and yeah, I like the Canada arc. I like the new villains. But there is one thing that is driving me nuts (not in a good way) about Erik Larsen’s work.

    Some issues, his artwork looks like its getting sloppy. I’m not sure if he’s rushing his stories just to get it done but some issues look great but some issues look like rushed and inconsistent.

    The other thing that I don’t like is that the sex and nudity are becoming too much of a part of “Savage Dragon”. Never thought I would feel that way but now I wonder if Larsen’s not getting laid because he is overdoing the sex and nudity to the point it’s becoming a cliche.

    While I am enjoying the later issues, because of the inconsistent art and over-focus on trying to show someone’s tits or jizz, “Savage Dragon” has become a shadow of its former-self.

    Yes, I’m saying that previous Dragon was much better! Better art, better stories.

    Want to make it better, kill of Maxine..or have her kidnapped and not brought back for a few years.. Have the three children be kidnapped or turned evil, have their future selves come back and used against Dragon because their stories are getting old. Yes, Maxine likes sex. Maxine is pregnant. Maxine wants to have a threesome. Maxine wants to have sex. Because it’s being overdone….I wonder if Larsen is speaking out through the character of Maxine. Maybe he needs more action in his life.

    As far as these comics will keep going, she’ll be doing the same thing over again.

    Also, give her some new clothes once in awhile. Hate that Scooby doo shit where she keeps wearing the school girl outfit. Do something different with the kids, because yeah, they break shit, yeah they get in trouble, they shit in their pants, the other one laughs at the other or makes fun of the other… it’s the same damn thing over and over.

    Savage Dragon needs to be taken out of the family element for awhile, maybe a long while. Yeah, I know Larsen’s making him a family man with volcanic jizz but it gets tiring.

    Sorry for the rant but that’s how I feel about “Savage Dragon” of late. I know you guys can’t call things out because of your close reputation to Larsen and it’s a Savage Dragon podcast afterall. But as a long time fan of Larsen’s work, it’s depressing to see his work going this direction artistically and creatively.

    • Craig on August 3, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    Tscarfone – We are not at all against calling things out in Savage Dragon. It happens more than you would think. I think part of the joy of Savage Dragon is Erik’s ability to do whatever he wants without an editor. Sometimes we like it and some times we don’t – but OVERALL it makes dragon super fun and unpredictable. It’s funny because in episode 72 (not out yet), Jim and I were talking about how the sex stuff is becoming a drag. So 2/3 of us agree with you there.

    In terms of the art, sometimes it looks a little worse than others, but for the most part i find it way more fluid that the stiffer earlier 90s stuff.

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