Savage FINcast Retro – Episode 26: Savage Dragon 16 & 17

The Savage FINcast Retro returns with renewed vigor as we take a look at what might arguably be called the the single greatest issue of Savage Dragon, within arguably the most iconic era of Savage Dragon. Savage Dragon 16 gives us not one, but two, of the most iconic battles in all of Savage Dragon, and 17 is laying the ground work for some of Dragon’s most important battles ahead.

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    • Tony on January 14, 2023 at 1:06 am

    Yo bros! Listening to the latest retro cast and I picked up on the confusion you guys were discussing regarding SD issue 17 and the ‘towel’ scene. I was confused myself as the SD Archives I was reading from as I listened to your podcast had a nude Rapture without a towel. My take is that you were all reading from an original issue 17 with the Dragon doing a gung-ho jump on the cover; I think that cover featured on a separate PG-13 edit of 17 that toned down some of the nudity, hence the towel silhouette which I have not seen. Separate from the SD Archives I have issue 17 with Rapture and She-Dragon on the cover and will have to confirm that it is the same as the Archives with no towel and panel borders over nipples. Hope that clears it up.

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