Savage FINcast – Episode 86: Ribbed for Her Pleasure

It’s a Spoopy Halloween Eve as Savage FINcast co-hosts Craig, Jim, & Raven descend into the depths of madness with another terrifying episode. Malcolm Dragon and Captain Tootsie face down the deadly Scourge while Maxine makes the most important choice of her life. That, plus Erik Larsen News, FINcast games, and Fan questions.

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04:09 – Erik posts images of finished Ant Pages on Facebook (Erik Larsen Boos)
07:39 – Captain America: The End by Erik (Erik Larsen Boos)
14:52  – Savage Dragon 249 Cover & Solicitation (Erik Larsen Boos)
26:40  – Vicious Circle Rejects (Spooky Games)
37:43 – Feedback (Creepy Fan Mail)
01:04:47 – What Do You Want to See in Savage Dragon 250 (FINteresting Murder Discussion)
01:15:04 – Marvel Comics 1000 & Spider-Man: Going Big One-Shot (Creepy Quick Takes)
01:28:17 – Savage Dragon 246 (The Remains & Bones)
02:25:19 – Savage Dragon 247 (Next Deadly Time)


    • Tony M on January 12, 2020 at 5:13 pm

    Great cast guys. SD 250 wish list: Alex Ross Vicious Circle painting. Tom Scioli SD pin up. Raven Perez pin up featuring Angel nude. ;). Raven Perez back-up story. Frank Fosco Vanguard back-up. Wildstar pinup by Alex Ross. I have a soft spot for Ross , yes.

    P.S. VC rejects segment was very funny, well done. Keep these quizzes coming.

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