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Savage FINcast – Episode 104: Fako II: The Revenge

There’s blood in the water in the latest episode of the Savage FINcast. Hosts Craig, Jim & Raven take a look at the revelations of Savage Dragon 256. Who is the toothy creature the cover proclaims is back from the dead? Jim rants about blood. Craig rants about faceless mooks. Raven… does Raven things. All …

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Savage FINcast – Episode 24: Jail Break, Heart Breaks

Its all out mayhem this episode of the Savage FINcast! As Jim and Raven are witness to the pulse pounding Savage Dragon 191! The Vicious Circle decides to spring a few of their pals from the big house! Dragon might be on death row (and down a couple arms) but that’s not going to stop …

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