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Savage FINcast – Episode 130: Rockk Grokk Cockk

Its a moderately tardy episode of the Savage FINcast! Hosts Jim, Craig, Raven, and Mark take a look at Savage Dragon 269, where not even a singular 69 occurs. Malcolm and the new SOS is acclimating to San Fran life. But something fishy is going on down. And possibly something Mickey as well. All this, …

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Savage FINcast – Episode 129: “Golly!”

It’s another exciting episode of the Savage FINcast, show hosts Craig, Jim, and Mark take a look at Savage Dragon 268 as Malcolm and Maxine settle into their new San Fransisco lives. Unexpected foes, unexpected visitors, and unexpected heart break! This and more, with Erik Larsen News, Listener letters, and FINteresting Conversations. Oh yeah, and …

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