Savage FINcast – Episode 8: Reality Bites

BRAKKA-BA-DOOM! In case you don’t know that’s the sound of two super-humans colliding. Also the sound of ANOTHER SAVAGE FINCAST COMING AT’CHA!  Craig and Jim are back again to talk about the reality warping events of SUPREME 66! And then Jim takes a journey down memory lane to reexamine his first issue of Savage Dragon in a Retro Review of Savage Dragon 90!

What We’re Reading (2:35)
Erik Larsen News (20:22)
Supreme 66 (26:05)
Retro Review: Savage Dragon 90 (55:15)

Savage FINcast – Episode 7: Genocide, Deicide, & Daxicide – Featuring Cory Hamscher!

The Savage FINcast keeps on trucking! With this episode Craig and Jim fly solo to take on the greatest challenge of their podcasting careers: INTERVIEWING SUPREME’S CORY HAMSCHER! They talk about how Cory broke into comics, discuss the influence Erik Larsen has had on his career, and break down the latest issue of SUPREME. Afterward, the opinion dividing SAVAGE DRAGON 180 demands its turn in the spotlight! What went wrong and what went oh-so right? All this in an episode so long it could halt an alien invasion!

(1:40) – Comic Talk
( 12:30) – Erik Larsen News
(17:20) – Cory Hamscher Interview/Supreme 65
(1:17:10) – Savage Dragon 180

Savage FINcast – Episode 6: Savage Worlds & Mean Supremes

Savage FINcast returns for its 6th episode! This time out Adam, Craig, & Jim talk about the latest issue of Supreme and the public reaction of Erik Larsen taking over writing duties from Alan Moore. Then they jump in the way-back machine to for a retro-review of Savage Dragon 81 and talk about what it was like to be reading the title when This Savage World was in full swing.

This episode also sees the debut of the Savage FINcast on the Image Addiction podcast network. We’re glad to be a part!

(1:30) – Erik Larsen News
(22:30) – Supreme 64
(51:30) – Savage Dragon 81
(1:22:15) – Wrap up and Links

Savage Dragon 184 cover
Supreme 67 cover

Savage FINcast – Episode 5: Erik Larsen’s Supreme Takeover.

Welcome back for our 5th ground shaking episode of The Savage FINcast! This episode we have with us the titanic Erik Larsen back again, this time to chat with us about the latest issue of Savage Dragon and his debut issue of Supreme!

Adam, Craig, and Jim also chat about comics, as they do.

Jon Day Wiki
Eisner Award Ballets (comic professionals only)
Chris G. Image Cover Recreations
Nick Justus’ Jesus E. Lee (Digital Copy Available)
Michel Fiffe’s Zegas

Savage FINcast – Episode 4: “Hell Yeah! Its Joe Keatinge!”

With the force of a thousand exploding suns THE SAVAGE FINCAST returns for another Earth shattering episode! This time we are pleased to have up-and-coming comic writer super-star JOE KEATINGE here to talk shop.

Jim, Craig, Adam, and Gavin talk about Joe’s career in comics, his time working for Image, the Popgun anthologies, and his new titles GLORY & HELL YEAH!

We also pick Joe’s brain on The State Of The Comics Industry, how women are represented in comics, and what it means when a title has sold out. Oh, and we jaw about the infamous SAVAGE DRAGON #21, Joe shares some fun Erik Larsen stories, and more! A good time is had by all.


Joe Keatinge’s Blog
Cover to Supreme 65
Cover to Spawn 220
Emerald City Comic Con Program Cover
Cover to Glory 23
Cover to Glory 24
Cover to Hell Yeah 1