Savage FINcast – Episode 0

WELCOME TO THE SAVAGE FINCAST! Where we celebrate all things Savage Dragon and Erik Larsen! Each episode we will review and commentate the latest issue of Savage Dragon, latest Erik Larsen news, and whatever else tickles our fancy.

Before we get this show on the road, a huge shout out to Eric Shonborn for providing hosting for the Savage FINcast! I am very proud to join the Gutter Trash family of podcasts. Eric, I can not say “Thank you” enough for your generosity and assistance.

In this special FINcast pilot episode; Nick, Craig, and Jim delve into the 175th issue of Savage Dragon! As well as talk about Erik Larsen’s recent news concerning the resurrection of Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios.  And finally reveal in the Golden Age revival of Crack Comics 63!