Savage FINcast – Episode 93: Dung Weiner Hatch

In this latest episode of the Savage FINcast, things get a little… zany. Hosts Craig, Jim, & Raven have comic strips on the brain with the unveiling of Savage Dragon 252’s cover and its promise of Savage Dragon as comic strip promise. But after that they dig into the main event, Savage Dragon 248. Chicago is dealing with their freak population once and for all, and Toronto is going to feel the fallout. Heroes and villains live and die by the bucket full in this titanic episode of the Savage FINcast. All that plus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends 19, guest-staring the Special Operations Strikeforce!

01:51 – Savage Dragon 252 Cover (Erik Larsen News)
25:42 – Savage Dragon 248 (Review)
01:57:38 – TMNT Urban Legends 19 (Review)

Savage FINcast Retro – Episode 11: Vanguard 1-3

It’s time for another Savage Dragon side trip! Raven, Jim & Craig delve into deep space to to experience the initial adventures of Vanguard, alien super-hero come to protect the Earth from terrible extraterrestrial threats. The trio talk about the myriad of Vanguard artists and the pros and cons of changing art teams every issue of your comic book. Tomm Coker, Jason Pearson, and Joe Madureira take us on an Earthbound cosmic oddity filled with titanic team ups and many many language based misunderstandings.
02:57 – Vanguard 01
24:26 – Vanguard 02
44:11 – Vanguard 03

Savage FINcast – Episode 92: The Road to 250, an Erik Larsen FINterview

Many of us may be trapped inside due to a raging pandemic, but that doesn’t stop the Savage FINcast from rolling on. Craig, Jim, & Raven are back to record a long overdue interview with Savage Dragon front man Erik Larsen! Were we discus the challenges of Erik’s guest return to Marvel, Savage Dragon’s status while Diamond comic distribution has suspended operations, and just what the future holds for Savage Dragon on the way to 250 in the new normal.

Savage FINcast – Episode 91: Better Dead Than Red

The world is in viral lock down, so instead of reviewing the latest and greatest issue of Savage Dragon, FINcast crew Craig, Jim, and Raven go back a few months to take a look at Erik Larsen’s Captain America: The End one-shot and react to its many many ironic parallels with today’s reality. Oh, and we talk about the covid-19 shutdown and its impact on the comic industry. A lot.
02:28 – Diamond Stops Distribution (Erik Larsen News)
37:28 – Comic Kayfabe Interview with Erik (Erik Larsen News)
41:06 – Captain America : The End (Review)

Savage FINcast – Episode 90: Tripping the Light Fantastic!

In this very special episode of the Savage FINcast Jim, Raven, and Craig take a long overdue look at the Savage Dragon cartoon from 1994. Watch along at home on your tablet or PC as the gang riffs on the animation and voice over stylings of early 90s action cartoons.
NOTE: This episode best listen to at home with the cartoon playing under the review segments.

Savage Dragon Intro 02:
Savage Dragon episode 1:
Savage Dragon episode 2:
Youngblood Animation Test:

05:21 Savage Dragon Intro
11:02 Savage Dragon cartoon episode 01
34:14 Savage Dragon cartoon episode 02
01:05:37 Youngblood Cartoon test reel