Savage FINcast – Episode 120: Face Reveal Party, an Interview with Erik Larsen!

It’s photo day at the Savage FINcast, hosts Jim, Craig, and Raven have figured out how web cams work just in time for another titanic Interview with Erik Larsen. Questions abound, about the upcoming Deluxe hardcover, how Erik is feeling about Savage Dragon in 2022, what’s next for Ant, will we ever see Dragon in the Invincible TV series?, and just who was originally suppose to be in the Overlord armor in the Emperor Dragon era?

Savage FINcast Retro – Episode 25: Freak Force 11 & 12

The Savage FINcast Retro returns with another look back at classic Savage Dragon in the mid 90s. This episode Raven, Craig, & Jim take a look at Freak Force 11 & 12. The Cosmic Cops are here, and they aren’t messing around. Freak Force’s greatest challenge yet is gearing up.

Savage FINcast – Episode 119: Vibrant Colors, Muted Host

It’s Déjà vu all over again in this episode of the Savage FINcast. Hosts Craig, Jim, & Raven take a look at the latest issue of ANT as the Ant/Spawn/Savage Dragon crossover-revisiting continues. Opinions fly and so do cars in this episode of the Savage FINcast. All this plus news, listener letters, and FINteresting Conversations.


25:30 – HACK/SLASH vs IMAGE (News)
51:15 – ANT 05 (Review)

Savage FINcast Retro – Episode 24: Deadly Duo 01-03

It’s a decidedly serviceable episode of the Savage FINcast Retro. Your serviceable hosts Raven, Craig, and Jim take a serviceable look at all three serviceable issues of the first Deadly Duo mini-series.

Savage FINcast – Episode 118: Debbie Downer’s Double Deja-Vu!

In this episode of the Savage FINcat Craig, Jim, and Raven take a look at ANT 04. Ant confronts Gadget Man and finally she, and we, gets some answers to just what is going on. That plus, FINteresting conversations!

02:33 – Listener Letters
07:01 – What Ant Crossover would you like to see? (FINteresting Conversations)
20:54 – Ant 04 (Review)