Savage FINcast – Episode 101: One Rouge Rogue – Featuring the Secret Origin of the Savage FINcast

The Savage FINcast rolls on with another pulse pounding episode. Hosts, Craig, Jim, & Raven take a look back at how the FINcast was started and then take a sniff at Savage Dragon 253 as the deadly Dart and her Vicious Circle make their move with Malcolm Dragon caught in the middle.
All that and FINtesting Conversations. This Episode’s Question, “What Variant Covers Would You Like to See?”

02:02 – FINcast History Reminiscing
24:29 – Savage Dragon – Family Matters will have extra pages (News)
28:51 – Listener Letters
36: 51 – FINteresting Conversation Responces
50:52 – What Variant Covers Would You Like to See? (FINteresting Conversation Topic)
01:11:44 – Savage Dragon 253 (Review)

Savage FINcast – Episode 100: Co-Hosts of FINcast’s Past

This is it! The big one! They said it was impossible! One-Hundred Episodes of the Savage FINcast! And what better way to celebrate then to talk to all the people who made this Podcast possible. Host regulars, Craig, Jim, & Raven are joined by all our wonderful former and guest co-hosts for a massive chit-chat. FINcast co-founder, Nick Justus. Early days regular, Adam O. Pruett. Extended recurring guest, Zac Hawkins. And always ready when we need him, Scott James. We catch-up on what they’ve been up to these last few years, how they’re feeling about Savage Dragon, and what they might be looking forward to in the future of Savage Dragon! All this and a bit of news, in the 100th Episode of the Savage FINcast!

04:09 – Savage Dragon 257 Cover (News)
09:01 – Cyborg Spider-Man Action Figure from Hasbro (News)
14:16 – Nick Justus (Interview)
01:00:33 – Adam O. Pruett (Interview)
01:42:37 – Zac Hawkins (Interiview)
02:13:24 – Scott James (Interview)

Savage FINcast – Episode 99: Ten Toes

Lo! There shall come… a couple endings. The Savage FINcast comes to the end of a journey several years in the making as TMNT Urban Legends reaches its final conclusion after 20 years. Craig, Jim, and Raven look at the final three, and brand new, issues of TMNT: Urban Legends, revisit IDW’s TMNT 30th Anniversary special, and also take a look at a two issue unofficial Image TMNT fan comic finale from 2011/2012. How does it compare? What did they get right? What did they get wrong? All this and listener letters and FINteresting Conversations. This episode, “When you Flipped the Page and saw Paul, how did you feel?”

03:18 – Savage Dragon 252 Second Printing (News)
05:57 – Alternate ‘Biden/Harris’ Cover for 253 (News)
08:33 – Savage Dragon 256 Cover (News)
15:44 – Listener Mail
25:42 – When you Flipped the Page and saw Paul, how did you feel? (FINteresting Conversations)
30:24 – What other 3rd party property would you like to see folded into the Highbrow universe under Erik’s editorship? (FINteresting Conversations)
43:10 – Raven’s TMNT Quiz (Games)
01:03:35 – TMNT Urban Legends 24-26 (Review)
01:56:35 – IDW 30th Anniversary One-Shot (Review)
02:03:44 – TMNT 24-25 Fan Ending (Review)

Savage FINcast – Episode 98: Strong to the FIN-ish

Its a magical world when Savage Dragon and the Savage FINcast go SUNDAY FUNNY! Craig, Jim, & Raven take a further look at Savage Dragon 251 before diving into the Savage Dragon’s Salute to the Funnies in Savage Dragon 252. It’s gag comic references galore as Erik Larsen pulls out all the stops emulating the art styles of histories greatest news paper comic strips (and also Rex Morgan). Its a hoot and a half in this episode of the Savage FINcast!
Don’t forget to write in ( to take part in our latest FINteresting Conversation! Erik has mentioned possibly doing a Savage Dragon issue where he emulated different comic artists? What Artist would you like to see through the lens of Erik Larsen? Email us and let us know! We might read it out on the show!

01:56 – FINmail
32:59 – What Artists Do You Want to see Erik Emulate next? (FINteresting Conversation)
50:06 – Savage Dragon 251 (Review)
01:30:46 – Savage Dragon 252 (Review)

Savage FINcast – Episode 97: Eff It. Birthday Cake!

Get out the cake, its a birthday! The Savage FINcast goes green once again to catch up on the ongoing adventures of the Image Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by reviewing the final 3, of the original run, issues of TMNT: Urban Legends. Craig, Jim, & Raven yuck it up about lax museum security, Dino soldiers from space, traitorous ninja clans, and ladies who shred. That plus Erik Larsen News and Raven surprises us with his TMNT action figure trivia.

Anomalies Kickstarter

04:02 – Savage Dragon 255 Cover (Erik Larsen News)
08:26 – Anomalies Kickstarter by Gary Carlson (Erik Larsen News)
15:49 – Another Savage Dragon 250 Variant Cover (Erik Larsen News)
18:48 – TMNT Action Figure Trivia (Trivia)
36:30 – TMNT Urban Legends 21 (Review)
54:48 – TMNT Urban Legends 22 (Review)
1:14:48 – TMNT Urban Legends 23 (Review)

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