Savage FINCast – Episode 68: Enter the Dragon

In this very special episode of the Savage FINcast, Craig, Jim, and Raven; learn detailed facts about Canada, the complicated history of the comic book Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, why phasing and lightning don’t mix, and spend way too long waxing nostalgic about Robert Kirkman’s Invincible. It’s Savage Dragon 232!

All that and our FINteresting Conversations, where you the listener can write in to a suggest a topic we the hosts will discuss on the show. This episode, we discuss, “Create an imaginary future cover of the Savage Dragon!”

01:25 – Mark Englert releases rough pages of a Deadly Duo back-up on Facebook that never saw print (Erik Larsen News)
07:40 – More mystery guests in the Johnny Raygun/Savage Dragon crossover (Erik Larsen News)
09:46 – IDW to color, reprint, and conclude Gary Carson and Frank Fosco’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Erik Larsen News)
29:38 – Savage Dragon 235 cover released (Erik Larsen)
32:32 – “What minor Savage Dragon character or detail could become a major threat someday?” (FINteresting Conversations)
55:01 – “Come up with a cover, solicitation, issue number, and/or title of a future issue of Savage Dragon.” (FINteresting Conversations)
01:12:17 – Savage Dragon 232 (Review)
01:57:40 – INVINCIcast (Spoilers for Invincible’s final issue)

Savage FINcast – Episode 67: Things you Can’t Draw in a Coffee Shop! A Chat w/ Erik Larsen

What can heat up these cold winter nights? Why, a rip rollicking Savage FINcast interview with the man himself Erik Larsen! Craig, Jim, and Raven grill our special guest on paper size choice, the tribulations of letterers, drawing naughty things at cafes, what the future holds, and of course the latest Savage Dragon issue, 231!

As always we also have our FINteresting Conversations segment, where we as you, the listeners, to provide fun topics for us to discus on air. This episode we ask, “What minor footnote in Savage Dragon history would you like to see become a huge threat in the future for our hero, Malcom Dragon?” As always, send your responses to our FINteresting Conversations and ideas for future ones at!

Savage FINcast – Episode 66: We do it LIVE!

In a rare LIVE performance, Craig, Jim, and Raven entertain Youtube with their observations and witticisms concerning Savage Dragon 230! The status of Reality TV in 2018, Nazis, Christmas, Babies, Canada! This one’s got it all! That plus News, Games, and our FINteresting Conversations!¬†Where you, the listener, can write into the show at to answer a question the hosts offer up every episode. This episode we read emails answering the question, “What did you think of Savage Dragon as a whole in 2017?”.

Savage FINcast – Episode 65: Mei is Bae

The Savage Dragon issues are coming at us fast, and the Savage FINcast struggles to keep up! Craig, Jim, and Raven tackle games, comic art board size concessions, and technical malfunctions covering Savage Dragon 229!

Savage FINcast – Episode 64: The Non-Bomb!

The Savage FINcast returns to review one of the most anticipated issues of Savage Dragon this year! Savage Dragon 228! Craig, Jim, and Raven put their heads together, ready to go in-depth on all the important details and secrets this issue will reveal about Savage Dragon’s most enigmatic mystery villain, THE SEEKER. Also, this episode Canadian locales, unexpected guests, and literally 30 minutes dedicated to discussing Baldness.

Also, this episode we present FINteresting Conversations! Where you, the listener, can write into the show at to answer a question the hosts offer up every episode. This episode we read emails answering the question, “What would it take For you to stop reading Savage Dragon?”

23:41 – Savage Dragon Covers 232 & 233 Revealed (Erik Larsen News)
44:43 – Savage Dragon 231 Solicitation Text (Erik Larsen News)
46:40 – Erik Larsen Pencils to be Inked by 30+ different artists for Inkwell (Erik Larsen News)
53:16 – What Would it Take For you to Stop Reading Savage Dragon? (FINteresting Conversations)
01:27:07 – Savage Dragon 228 (Review)

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